Drummer, Brad Smith in Serious Auto Accident

You may have heard that our friend, brother, and drummer has been in a serious car accident.  We learned yesterday that he has dozens of broken bones, including wrists and ankles that will require months of healing and physical therapy.  Brad was in surgery this morning to clean and set compound fractures in his arms and legs.  His jaw is broken, lung is punctured, and he'll be in a back brace for a while until progress determines his next steps.

It's a miracle in itself that Brad is alive today.  We're praying for another miracle that he's able to heal and continue his passion for music.  In addition to playing drums for Deathrow Bodeen, Brad also gave drum lessons (for little or no charge) and played guitar.  He just loves music and enjoys being able to share that gift with others.

We're planning to do some benefit concerts on his behalf.  Things are too early for concrete plans, but we'll likely be reaching out to some local venues, bands, and sponsors so we can attempt to alleviate part of the financial strain this situation will be putting on Brad.  If you're interested in helping, or have some fundraising ideas please message us on Facebook or at deathrowbodeen.com. 

We've started a GoFundMe page at: https://www.gofundme.com/4e80vls

Please share and take a few moments to show Brad you care, and help him on this journey to recovery.

Brad's vehicle after the accident (stole this from Dustin's Facebook)

Brad's vehicle after the accident (stole this from Dustin's Facebook)



Lyric Video - They Became Your Lies

Hey guys and gals,

We know you've been patiently waiting for the Deathrow Bodeen album.  We're excited about it and can't wait to get it in your hands.  Since things have taken longer than expected, we'll be releasing a few songs as singles to whet your appetite for new music until we get everything finalized.

So why is this taking so long?  Without getting too personal, we all work and have families to take care of.  That said, some work schedules have required time out of state (or country) for some of us.  When we're all together we're working on this album, and when we aren't all in the same place we're either planning for the album or giving Brad shit via text message.

So here we have our first lyric video for you to take in.  Hope you enjoy it and can't wait to bring you more.  We're already laying groundwork for a full-production video of Fall Short, which I can't wait for you to hear.

Thanks to our fans who have been very patient and understanding about this album.  We want to bring you a great album and hope you'll continue to share what we do with your friends that may enjoy it. 

InTune Guitar Picks backs Deathrow Bodeen

Customized Deathrow Bodeen guitar picks from InTune are coming!

We're excited to announce our latest artist endorsement from InTune guitar picks.  These guys have been great to us and we'll be rocking some custom designs at a show near you.  If you're looking for a top quality pick that you can get your own design printed in FULL COLOR, look no further than InTune Guitar Picks. 

Take a look at the goods at www.intunegp.com


We're recording

It's been a long time since we've had a blog update.  I should fire me.

We've started recording with Myke Wilkerson at 14 North Studio.  Brad went beastmode and knocked out 11 drum tracks in under 3 hours.  That's a pretty impressive feat in my mind.  Gold medal for 180 minute drumming.  Brad prepared well by taking extra time at practice to make sure the song tempos were all mapped out and keeping all our practices to a click track.  It made for quick work in the studio.

You may have noticed that we aren't recording at EOA Digital as planned.  This is no reflection on Paul, he's a badass engineer with pretty new LED lighting on his board.  We just couldn't make the schedule work out with trips to Atlanta.  I'm sure he'll still have valuable input on the album since we tend to bounce a lot of things we do off him.  We love Paul long time.

So we're staying local at 14 North.  We've known Myke for years and know he doesn't half-ass anything.  It's always full-ass with Myke, and he does great work with anything he puts his time into.  Drums are sounding huge already so we know we're in good hands.

We've got a lot of irons in the fire right now, so I'll post more on everything as things develop.  Until then, the album is coming.  We'll probably be setting up a pre-order very soon in case you missed the IndieGoGo campaign.

Deathrow Bodeen is seeking a Vocalist

Deathrow Bodeen has mutually parted ways with Chase Hemingway.

Well fans, the title says all we really need to say.  Deathrow Bodeen will continue on, and is seeking a vocalist.  We appreciate our time with Chase and wish him the best on his future endeavors. 

Seeking Vocalist

We're moving ahead, working on new music, and will be auditioning for a professional and driven vocalist immediately.  We have a great catalog of music waiting for new lyrics and will be hitting the studio as soon as possible to record the album.

The Album : Don't worry it's coming

Album Art Proof

Album Art Proof

We want to thank everyone who has supported us in our Indiegogo campaign to raise money to record our album.  We raised just over $2000 and will be using that money for it's original intent, the recording and release of our first album.  Your perks will be fulfilled, nothing has changed.  We currently have about 17 songs ready to take to the studio where we'll lay them down and pick what we feel is our best work to deliver to our fans. 

Show Cancellation

Unfortunately, we have to bow out of our concert dates of 4/30 at Clicks and 5/28 at Texas Players.  We'll still be there to support our friends in A Call to Remembrance, Tap Dead Sinner, and Dark Avenue.  We absolutely hate to cancel a show, even with good reason but this will still be a great one to head to Clicks for.  Come show your support. 

Again, thanks for everyone's support and we're looking forward to seeing you from the stage in the near future.

Pre-Order our Album via IndieGoGo

You may have seen we've got an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money to record our first album.

With all our online followers, if even half of you pre-ordered our album then we'd be all set.  Now you may be wondering how we can do a full album for only $4000 and have it pressed.  We've got a lot of friends willing to hook us up on some great deals - but even with those great deals we've still got a lot of money to raise.

Today's featured perk package is our Fan Pack at $25.  You'll get your name in our album art, the album in digital and pressed CD, and an autographed poster.

Click HERE for your pre-order!

A plethora of performances & a new song

Many new shows posted for Tyler, Longview, Dallas and Shreveport.  Bookings are flowing in and that's pretty freakin awesome.

We've got a new song that we'll be debuting on January 21 in Shreveport when we open the show for FLAW.  We'll also be with FLAW in Dallas at Trees on January 22. 

We got word that we'll be local support for The Veer Union and Bobaflex coming up on February 27th so make sure you don't miss that.

We're planning to record our first album in July, still working out all the details but be on the lookout for an Indiegogo campaign coming soon so we can fund the album with some pre-orders and exclusive merchandise for our supporters.  Hell, we may even sell off one of Mike's Charvel guitars!


We're endorsed! DR strings!

Deathrow Bodeen is happy to announce our endorsement with DR strings.  If you're a musician you know how much your string selection can affect your tone.  We've played a ton of gigs over our careers and tried many different sets of strings.  DR handmade strings give us the tone and reliability that we need as a touring band.  I know I'm always amazed at how long my bass holds tuning on these strings.

If you haven't tried these strings out you should give them a shot.

The Statement

We've got The Statement ready a bit early.  Originally, we planned to wait until 10/3 to debut this new track, but Brad is like a kid at Christmas when it comes to new songs.  He can't wait to get the new songs in front of the audience and rock it out. 

So with that, we'll see you at Maude Cobb tomorrow night where we'll take the stage with The Sons of Texas, Bobaflex, and Buckcherry.  Hope you like the new track, we do.

I'm a damn liar

Remember how I said we weren't going to have any shows in September?  Yeah well, see what happened was... we got offered an opening slot for Buckcherry's tour stop in Longview.  So we'll see you at Maude Cobb Convention Center on 9/24.

What I didn't lie about is the new material.  We have a new song to debut on October 3rd at Clicks in Tyler called The Statement.  It's pretty rockin, so hope you like it.