A plethora of performances & a new song

Many new shows posted for Tyler, Longview, Dallas and Shreveport.  Bookings are flowing in and that's pretty freakin awesome.

We've got a new song that we'll be debuting on January 21 in Shreveport when we open the show for FLAW.  We'll also be with FLAW in Dallas at Trees on January 22. 

We got word that we'll be local support for The Veer Union and Bobaflex coming up on February 27th so make sure you don't miss that.

We're planning to record our first album in July, still working out all the details but be on the lookout for an Indiegogo campaign coming soon so we can fund the album with some pre-orders and exclusive merchandise for our supporters.  Hell, we may even sell off one of Mike's Charvel guitars!