Lyric Video - They Became Your Lies

Hey guys and gals,

We know you've been patiently waiting for the Deathrow Bodeen album.  We're excited about it and can't wait to get it in your hands.  Since things have taken longer than expected, we'll be releasing a few songs as singles to whet your appetite for new music until we get everything finalized.

So why is this taking so long?  Without getting too personal, we all work and have families to take care of.  That said, some work schedules have required time out of state (or country) for some of us.  When we're all together we're working on this album, and when we aren't all in the same place we're either planning for the album or giving Brad shit via text message.

So here we have our first lyric video for you to take in.  Hope you enjoy it and can't wait to bring you more.  We're already laying groundwork for a full-production video of Fall Short, which I can't wait for you to hear.

Thanks to our fans who have been very patient and understanding about this album.  We want to bring you a great album and hope you'll continue to share what we do with your friends that may enjoy it.